Orientalists and the Prophet (S)

Publish Date : Monday 13 February 2012 - 16:22
Orientalists and the Prophet (S) by Mahmoud Motaharrinia has been debuted by the Research Center of Culture, Arts and Communications.
Orientalists and the Prophet (S)
IBNA: The book musters the claims and views of prominent western orientalists Carl Brockelmann, Annemarie Schimmel, Karen Armstrong, Julius Wellhausen and William Montgomery Watt about Prophet Mohammad's life and history.

The book tries to show its readers how westerners tried to hide Mohammad's greatness by clinging to mere and undocumented historical evidence.

The book argues that westerners' views on Islam varied so much that someone like Wellhausen viewed Islam as an offspring of Judaism, ignorant Arabs and Sassanids in Iran while Shimmel retained such strong affection toward Islam and Prophet Mohammad, which was in many ways comparable to that of Sufis.

Previously, orientalists and Islam was the theme of a similar study by a non-Muslim in the US but the work needed many modifications given its writers non-religious stance.
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