Encyclopedia of Iranian Art and Architecture released

Publish Date : Monday 6 May 2013 - 11:15
Translated by Saleh Tabatabaei, The Encyclopedia of Iranian Art and Architecture contains a selection of entries to Iranian Art in the 34-volume Grove Art. The book will be unveiled during the current Tehran Book Fair at the main hall of the literati.
Encyclopedia of Iranian Art and Architecture released
IBNA: Grove Art Encyclopedia is one of the most comprehensive and significant ones in the world.

“Grove Art” has got lengthy entries. Years ago I came across the book and wondered if I can elicit all the entries on Iranian art in a single volume. As I studied the book I selected entries on Iran and simultaneously began translating them to Persian,” Tabatabaei said.

He started the translation in 2006 and then signed a contract with the Academy of Arts for its publication. The whole process took more than four years.

He also referred to defects and mistakes in the entries, saying “in order to correct these entries I embarked on research. Therefore, most pages of the book encompass footnotes, margins and corrections inserted by the translator. I have also written articles in Persian and English to elaborate on these mistakes.”

Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom’s three-volume Encyclopedia of Islamic Art is another up-to-date source for his research parts of which are included in Tabatabaei’s translation. He further mentioned that the geography of the Great Iran including a large area of Mid Asia and Afghanistan (Art in Heart, Bukhara, Balkh) has been considered in the research.

“Grove Art is updated every six months; so I proposed to the Academy of Arts to publish next prints with a small booklet containing the latest updates of the volume. Also the book only mentions world-known artists while many eminent Iranian artists are not included. I hope to add more contemporary figures to the book in the future,” he added.

The Encyclopedia of Iranian Art and Architecture is published in 1500 copies and 800 pages by MATN (The Academy of Arts Press).
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