Mohammad Ali Khajehpiri:

Reprint of All Azar Yazdi's works

Publish Date : Saturday 11 July 2009 - 17:06
According to the advisor to the Guidance Minister Mohammad Ali Khajehpiri, all the published books by the late Mehdi Azar Yazdi are to be reprinted by Amirkabir in the old format as he had previously asked for.
Reprint of All Azar Yazdi
IBNA: "The late Mehdi Azar Yazdi was a children's author who remained a loyal follower of Quranic premises in his life," said Khajehpiri in an interview with IBNA. "We wished he would get well soon and see the reprint of his works. Pitifully, he didn’t manage to do so." 

Khajehpiri pointed to the care the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance took six month ago for full a checkup on the late Azar Yazdi. Later, Khajehpiri explained, "we insisted that he follows his medication in Tehran after his accident which led to his death." 

His body is to be buried in his birthplace- Yazd- as it was demanded by his family.
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