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Manuscript of “1001 nights”

Publish Date : Sunday 27 September 2009 - 15:35
The lithography precious and unique manuscript of “1001 nights”, penned by Agha Mohammad Reza Bagher in 1260 Hegira, is kept in the library of Golestan palace.
Manuscript of “1001 nights”
IBNA: For the first time the book lithograph book was published in Agha Mir Bagher publication in 1260 Hegira.

This copy is the most valuable and beautiful illustrated manuscript of “1001 nights” which wass written by Nasereddin Shah’s command and since then it kept in royal library of Golestan palace.

The writer has tried to describe the qualities and traits of the work in the table of contents. The greatest difference of this copy of “1001 nights” is its beautiful watercolor paintings by the master of painting in Qajar era; Mirza Abolhassan Saniol Molk.

Fluent writing of Mohammad Hossein Tehrani has added the work's beauties. The book is adorned by Gholamali Mirza Ahmad Mirzajani' covering and illumination.

The colorful treasure is one of the best art works of Qajar era according to its design, painting and combination and is maintained in Golestan Palace library, one of the most reliable centers for maintaining books, manuscripts and art works.

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