Kazzazi: Art seizes the true artist

Publish Date : Monday 13 July 2015 - 23:55
IBNA- Veteran author, scholar and professor of Persian literature Mir Jalal al-Din Kazzazi writes that artistic creation is not a conscious act, but it is rooted in unconsciousness and a true artist is the one who is seized by art.
In a note sent to IBNA, Mir Jalal al-Din Kazzazi begins with saying: “It is a few days that I am staying in a garden close to Tehran, far from the uproar and pollution of the big city; an occasion provided for me to start composing here after a long silence.”
I have frequently said that I am not an eloquent poet; and that’s why I’m not known as one. For this reason, among nearly 100 volumes of books I’ve written, only four are on poetry.
But in my opinion, a true and genuine artist is the one who is seized by art. By this, I mean to say that a true artist is tied to his art and a hidden, mysterious need, powerful and patient, burns inside him and steals his sleep and forces him to create.
Artistic creation, I believe, is nothing conscious nor is it done by will. Even if an artist decides to create consciously, the outcome will be unwanted and not pleasing. I do not want to say that the artist becomes alienated at the time of his creation, but that no artist can plan to create a work of art, as art originates from unconsciousness.”
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