‘The Comprehensive History of Iran’ to be Unveiled

Publish Date : Thursday 21 May 2015 - 00:00
IBNA- The 20-volume book, ‘The Comprehensive History of Iran’ will be unveiled at the Center of the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE).
According to IBNA correspondent, the 20-volume collection of ‘The Comprehensive History of Iran’ with political, social and cultural descriptions will be unveiled in a ceremony organized by the Center of the Great Islamic Encyclopedia on June 16, 2015.
This exquisite collection includes different aspects of Iranian socio-political and cultural history from the pre-Islamic period to the end of the “Qajar” era. Its research, compilation and writing took 14 years at the Center of the Great Islamic Encyclopedia in collaboration with prominent and well-known figures working on its writing, compiling and editing.
The first five volumes of this collection focus on the pre-Islamic history. Islamic period of the Iranian history comprises 15 volumes of this great work. The fifteenth to seventeenth collections include the history of Persian language and literature beginning from the Islamic era to the end of the “Qajar” period.
Eighteenth and nineteenth series of volumes are on the Iranian history of art and architecture, including handicrafts, decorative, performing and ritual arts, music and architecture. However, the twentieth collection of discussions is on social, legal system in Iran, Iranian religions, social classes and the public life.
As an important center for research in the Muslim world the Great Islamic Encyclopedia has been active in compiling and publishing the Islamic, general and specialized encyclopedias and other scientific references for more than three decades.
In the previous years, it has been attempted to have a comprehensive history of Iran written by Iranian historians and researchers, but it was not realized until recently when the 20-volume ‘The Comprehensive History of Iran’ was prepared for publication written by Iranian researchers and historians.
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