Biography of Iranian scholar Kamran Faani published

Publish Date : Thursday 5 January 2017 - 16:21
IBNA- Biography of the renowned Iranian scholar, librarian and bibliographer Kamarn Faani titled ‘The Candle of Wisdom’ was published in the newest collection of the National Library’s printed works.
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which explores the life and career of Kamran Faani includes eight chapters with the following titles: ‘The Family and Juveniles’, ‘Beginning of the Academic Studies and the College of Literature of Tehran University’; ‘Librarian group of Tehran University and Unfinished Doctoral Studies; ‘Library Services Center’.
‘The National Library of Iran’, ‘Compiling the Encyclopedia, and the Academy of Persian Language and Literature’; ‘Literary Translation of Essays and the Art of Translation’, and ‘Librarianship and Information and ‘Iran’s Association of Librarians’ are other chapters.
The significance of the book ‘The Candle of Wisdom’ lies in the expression of comprehensive information on the activities of the Center for Library Services, such as preparing ‘subject headings’ as well as compiling encyclopedias in modern times as well as reviewing the life of Faani and his research activities.
The book also offers comprehensive information on the history of the formation of the National Library and Archives Organization of Iran as well as the modern librarianship in Iran. It covers other interviews with professors such as Mahin Tafazoli, Parichehr E’temadi, Fereydoun Badre’i and a number of other literary figures.
Interested individuals can purchase the work from the Publications of the Archives Organization and the National Library of Iran, or contact its Publication Unit at (021) 81623277.
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