India opens the Persian Foundation

Publish Date : Sunday 8 January 2017 - 14:08
IBNA– Persian Foundation in India opened to organize research and studies relevant to the “script heritage” in the Indian subcontinent, in collaboration with Bidel Dehlavi Foundation and the Association of Iranian Literature.
According to IBNA correspondent, the opening ceremony of the “Persian Foundation” of India was held in the presence of the Director of Bidel Dehlavi Foundation Hadi Sa’eedi Kiasari and his accompanying delegation and a group of professors and researchers from Afghanistan, Central Asia and India at University of Delhi.
In addition to explaining the necessity and importance of establishment of such institutions in this event, the objectives and programs of the Persian Foundation was described by Ali Akbar Shah Ja`fari.
In the beginning of its activities, Bidel Dehlavi Foundation has over 60 professors as colleagues in its group and intends to review and analyze the method of teaching Persian language and literature at different universities in India with educational programs, and put various sources at the disposal of Persian language researchers of the subcontinent.
During this ceremony, Sa’eedi Kiasari referred to the brilliant history of Persian language and literature in the subcontinent and promised bilateral cooperation to the authorities of the Persian Foundation in India by Bidel Dehlavi Foundation. The Foundation will hold the 4th Bidel International Demise Anniversary in Tehran on January 19 and 20.
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