Book House CEO congratulates Journalists Day

Publish Date : Wednesday 8 August 2018 - 19:44
IBNA- In his message, CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute (IBHI) Niknam Hosseinipour ‎congratulated National Journalists Day in Iran.‎
Niknam Hosseinipour
According to IBNA correspondent, August 8 is the National Journalists Day and a ceremony is held on this occasion to honor the activists of press and media in the country.

The message by CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute reads:
“August 8 marks the National Journalists Day which is devoted to appreciate the efforts made by journalists, the great family of press and media activists as vigilant people who delve into the realm of perception by their pens. They portray the realities and concerns of their society through writing news, reports and fair reviews.

Meanwhile, by illuminating the subjects relevant to books; providing information, analysis and news, book journalists are and will be influential in making major cultural policies in a long-term. In their valuable media, the Iranian book journalists take concrete steps in promoting the culture of books and reading as their pivotal role in the area of culture and books would never vanish from minds.

The cultural sector of our country has always believed that its cultural and social success is indebted to you honest, hard-working and sympathetic journalists.”

“Here, I congratulate August 8, the martyrdom anniversary of Mahmoud Saremi and the National Day of Journalists in Iran to media activists, standard-bearers of public information.”  
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