Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 9 Oct 2009 - 12:35 -------------------------------------------------- to be held in central Book city Title : "Dialogue with Hafez" -------------------------------------------------- The 2-day congress of Dialogue with Hafez will be held in cultural center of Book city with speeches of those who are expert in Hafez works. In the congress the report card of research on Hafez in one year will be assessed. Text : IBNA: On occasion of 20 Mehr in commemoration of Hafez, Dialogue With Hafez” congress will be held in cultural center of Book city with presence of Gholam Hossein Ebrahimi Dinani, Asghar Dadbeh, Mehdi Mojtaba and Korosh Kamali Sarvestani. In this congress Doctor Gholam Hossein Ebrahimi Dinani about wisdom and love in dialogue with Hafez”, Bahaeddin Khorramshahi about delicate testimonies to Hafez verses”, Aydin Aghdashloo about Hafez illustrators”, Doctor Asghar Dadbeh about another consideration in Hafez”, Aliakbar Ahmadi Darani about ten years with Hafez” and Doctor Saeid Hamidian about a kind of amphibology in whole verse” will speech. Cultural deputy of Book city, Ali asghar Mohammadkhani said:”undoubtedly Hafez poem is a complete and idealistic sample of Persian poem and his poetical works is the gist of Iran s culture and literature. Hafez is the only ode writer who had written the situation of his era precisely and now we need to his poem more than any time.” According to Mohammadkhani, although there have been written many explanation and interpretation about Hafez poem, his poem always has new points to the reader and dialogue with his poem opens new windows from Iran s history and culture. The congress of dialogue with Hafez” will be held by attempts of central Book city, Fars encyclopedia, Hafez higher education of Shiraz 18-19 Aban.