Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 27 Feb 2018 - 19:32 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Fajr Poetry Fest to become a national brand -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- Attending the closing ceremony of the 12th Fajr International Poetry Festival, Deputy Culture Minister Mohsen Javadi said efforts are being made to turn the festival into a national brand for all Iranian people. Text : In an interview with IBNA correspondent, at this ceremony which was held in the city of Tabriz, Cultural Deputy of Iran s Culture Minister Javadi stated that in this edition of Fajr Poetry Festival, the members of jury panel tried to take all viewpoints and tendencies into consideration. The programs intended to appreciate the poets, writers and literati in general, are beneficial from different aspects. At first, they provide the ground for dialogue between poets and of course their works are seen and discussed, he said. But what we are trying to do is to represent people in appreciating the works of poets and literati and tell them that your creations are seen and evaluated. I suppose it is the most significant achievement of such events. Javadi pointed out. The official expressed his pleasure over holding Fajr Poetry Festival in Tabriz as a tourist spot in the Islamic world and suggested that launching such programs in the first place of the great poets is felicitous and in accordance with ceremonies of poetry. Javadi who is also a researcher of philosophy and ethics, the names of nominees proves that we tried to take an all-embracing looked upon the poetry contestants, but people should have the last word about these works. Elsewhere in his remarks, Deputy Culture Minister referred to a quality of Iranian poetry: "Culture Minister Sayyed Abbas Salehi (PhD) remarks that poetry is our national art. Iranian poets concern for human suffering and in accordance with portraying the pains of society have changed and become modernized. Indeed, modern Persian poetry came to life to express the contemporary issues and concerns. "The changes in Iranian poetry also led to the works which played a significant role during the "Sacred Defense". All the achievements in the course of the glorious history of Persian poetry draw the respect of all of us, he added. The 12th Fajr International Poetry Festival opened on Wednesday, January 24 in the western city of Kermanshah as a sign of sympathy with the people of that region who suffered a devastating earthquake, and then was continued to be held in other Iranian cities.