Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 16 Jan 2019 - 19:04 -------------------------------------------------- Title : ‎‘Memoirs of Carl Brockelmann’ to be reviewed -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- The Persian translation of the book, ‘Memoirs of Carl Brockelmann’ edited by ‎Rudolph Sellheim will be reviewed at the Literati House affiliated to Iran’s Book House ‎Institute on Sunday. ‎ Text : According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated by Mehran Arzandeh into Persian and published by the Library of Iran s Parliament (Majlis) will be discussed at a meeting attended by Iranian experts Mahmoud Ja fari, Tahmoureth Sajedi Saba and Sa eed Firouzabadi. Carl Brockelmann (1868 1956) was a German Semiticist and the foremost orientalist of his generation. He was a professor at the universities in Breslau, Berlin and, from 1903, Knigsberg. He is best known for his multi-volume Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (History of Arabic Literature) which included all writers in Arabic to 1937, and remains the fundamental reference volume for all Arabic literature. Brockelmann s work in Iranian studies is interwoven through his entire output. In Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (5 vols., 2nd ed., 1937-49) he listed, described, and characterized thousands of Persian scholars and their works in Arabic as well as occasionally also in Persian and Turkish.