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Sat, 14 Sep 2019 02:11:50 GMT Book Fair 60 Iran attending 31st Syria's Book Fair http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/280662/iran-attending-31st-syria-s-book-fair IBNA- The 31st Syria's Book Fair Kicked off on Thursday as Iran’s Cultural Fairs ‎Institute (ICFI) is attending the event, displaying our country's books and publishing ‎industry.‎ ]]> Book Fair Fri, 13 Sep 2019 09:17:52 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/280662/iran-attending-31st-syria-s-book-fair Moscow Book Fair displays Iranian illustrators works on ‘Shahnameh’‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/280532/moscow-book-fair-displays-iranian-illustrators-works-on-shahnameh IBNA- A section of Iran’s stand at the 32nd ‎Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) is displaying ‎the works of Iranian illustrators on ‘Shahnameh’ by Ferdowsi from past untill now, and ‎national celebrations. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sat, 07 Sep 2019 10:52:39 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/280532/moscow-book-fair-displays-iranian-illustrators-works-on-shahnameh Books supported by Grant Plan will travel to FBF http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/280634/books-supported-by-grant-plan-will-travel-to-fbf IBNA- Director of the Grant Plan of Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance ‎announced that 50 books supported by this plan will be displayed in the 71st Frankfurt ‎Book Fair.‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 03 Sep 2019 13:36:54 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/280634/books-supported-by-grant-plan-will-travel-to-fbf Iranian illustrator to judge at Pineapple Awards http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/280038/iranian-illustrator-to-judge-at-pineapple-awards IBNA- An Iranian illustrator will judge at Pineapple Awards of the 26th Beijing ‎International Book Fair (BIBF) scheduled for August 21-25.‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 20 Aug 2019 11:37:43 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/280038/iranian-illustrator-to-judge-at-pineapple-awards Iranian academic publishers to attend FBF purposefully http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/279276/iranian-academic-publishers-to-attend-fbf-purposefully IBNA- Cultural Association of Iranian Academic Books Publishers will participate at the ‎‎71st Frankfurt International Book Fair (FBF) to introduce Iranian scientific and research ‎books at the event.‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 06 Aug 2019 11:42:38 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/279276/iranian-academic-publishers-to-attend-fbf-purposefully Call for inviting Iranian publishing to 2019 FBF issued http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278814/call-for-inviting-iranian-publishing-to-2019-fbf-issued IBNA- Union of Tehran Publishers and Booksellers has called for the invitation of ‎Iranian publishing to the 71st Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF).‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 16 Jul 2019 12:38:32 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278814/call-for-inviting-iranian-publishing-to-2019-fbf-issued Beijing Book Fair to focus on English and children books ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278138/beijing-book-fair-to-focus-on-english-and-children-books IBNA- The 26th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) scheduled for August 21-25 will ‎focus on English language and children books.‎ ]]> Book Fair Mon, 08 Jul 2019 12:34:43 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278138/beijing-book-fair-to-focus-on-english-and-children-books Seoul Int’l Book Fair wraps up ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277458/seoul-int-l-book-fair-wraps-up IBNA- Seoul International Book Fair 2019 wrapped up on June 23 as Iran's Cultural ‎Fairs Institute (ICFI) represented the publishing industry of our country in the event. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Mon, 24 Jun 2019 11:18:21 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277458/seoul-int-l-book-fair-wraps-up ICFI represents Iran at Seoul Book Fair http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277218/icfi-represents-iran-at-seoul-book-fair IBNA- Representing our country, Iran's Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) has participated ‎at 2019 Seoul International Book Fair currently underway in South Korean capital and ‎will run by June 23.‎ ]]> Book Fair Thu, 20 Jun 2019 12:02:51 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277218/icfi-represents-iran-at-seoul-book-fair Boosting cultural ties between Iran and Italy stressed http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/275675/boosting-cultural-ties-between-iran-and-italy-stressed IBNA- At the 33rd Turin International Book Fair director of the event Silvio Viale met ‎CEO of Iran’s Cultural Fairs ‎Institute Ghader Ashna and they stressed on the boosting ‎cultural ties between Italy and Iran.‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 12 May 2019 13:41:52 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/275675/boosting-cultural-ties-between-iran-and-italy-stressed ‎33rd Turin Book Fair kicks off as Iran participating http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275562/33rd-turin-book-fair-kicks-off-as-iran-participating IBNA- The 33rd Turin International Book Fair kicked off today as Iran’s Cultural Fairs ‎Institute (ICFI) has participated in the event to introduce the potentials of our country’s ‎publishing industry. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Thu, 09 May 2019 16:01:35 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275562/33rd-turin-book-fair-kicks-off-as-iran-participating Book House stall in TIBF, a hub for literati http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/275417/book-house-stall-in-tibf-a-hub-for-literati IBNA- CEO of Iran's Book House Institute Niknam Hosseinipour said that the stall of the ‎institute in the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) turned to a hub for Iranian ‎literati and the activists of publishing industry.‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 05 May 2019 13:51:42 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/275417/book-house-stall-in-tibf-a-hub-for-literati TIBF director discusses corporation with India’s Ambassador http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275462/tibf-director-discusses-corporation-with-india-s-ambassador IBNA- Director of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) Mohsen Javadi met ‎India’s ambassador to Iran Gaddam Dharmendra on Thursday, the ninth day of the ‎event.‎ ]]> Book Fair Thu, 02 May 2019 13:45:53 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275462/tibf-director-discusses-corporation-with-india-s-ambassador Qatari publisher to cooperate with Culture Ministry through top plan http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275463/qatari-publisher-to-cooperate-with-culture-ministry-through-top-plan Qatar's stand in the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair has begun negotiations with ‎Iran Culture Ministry to translate Persian books through the Iranian top plan.‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 01 May 2019 14:08:16 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275463/qatari-publisher-to-cooperate-with-culture-ministry-through-top-plan Belgian Ambassador, Book House CEO meet at TIBF ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275261/belgian-ambassador-book-house-ceo-meet-at-tibf IBNA- Belgian Ambassador to Iran Véronique Petit met the CEO of Iran’s Book House ‎Institute (IBHI) Niknam Hosseinipour and the Director of the 32nd Tehran ‎International Book Fair (TIBF) Mohsen Javadi.‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 01 May 2019 12:52:09 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275261/belgian-ambassador-book-house-ceo-meet-at-tibf South Korean Ambassador calls for boosting cultural ties with Iran http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275086/south-korean-ambassador-calls-for-boosting-cultural-ties-with-iran IBNA- Visiting the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), South Korean ‎Ambassador to Iran met Deputy Culture Minister Mohsen Javadi and called for boosting ‎cultural ties between the two countries. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 30 Apr 2019 13:11:46 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275086/south-korean-ambassador-calls-for-boosting-cultural-ties-with-iran Ambassador vows to develop Iranian, Turkish publishers’ ties http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/274976/ambassador-vows-to-develop-iranian-turkish-publishers-ties IBNA- Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Derya Örs who visited the 32nd Tehran ‎International Book Fair vowed to develop the ties of Iranian and Turkish publishers. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 28 Apr 2019 13:39:31 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/274976/ambassador-vows-to-develop-iranian-turkish-publishers-ties Iranians welcome books presented by Chinese publisher http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274956/iranians-welcome-books-presented-by-chinese-publisher IBNA- Executive Director of Central China Land Media Co. said that so many books have ‎been sold or presented to Iranian visitors in the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair ‎‎(TIBF).‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 28 Apr 2019 11:55:03 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274956/iranians-welcome-books-presented-by-chinese-publisher Chinese here to sell their copyrights not buying Iranian copyrights http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/274834/chinese-here-to-sell-their-copyrights-not-buying-iranian IBNA- Director of Iranian Shabaviz Publishing said Chinese Publishers who have ‎attended the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair aim to sell their own copyrights ‎rather buying the copyrights of Iranian books. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sat, 27 Apr 2019 14:33:38 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/274834/chinese-here-to-sell-their-copyrights-not-buying-iranian ICIDCY, China Peace Publishing ink MoU ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274833/icidcy-china-peace-publishing-ink-mou IBNA- Iran’s Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults ‎‎(ICIDCY) signed a memorandum of understanding with China Peace Publishing House ‎in the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sat, 27 Apr 2019 12:41:25 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274833/icidcy-china-peace-publishing-ink-mou ‎‘Running Through Beijing’ in Persian unveiled at TIBF http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274990/running-through-beijing-in-persian-unveiled-at-tibf IBNA- A novel by noted Chinese writer Xu Zechen ‘Running Through Beijing’ which has ‎been translated into Persian was unveiled at the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair on ‎Thursday.‎ ]]> Book Fair Fri, 26 Apr 2019 13:27:04 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274990/running-through-beijing-in-persian-unveiled-at-tibf We display Chinese identity and culture at TIBF: official http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274831/we-display-chinese-identity-and-culture-at-tibf-official IBNA- Chinese publication official Zhao Haiyun said during a meeting at the 32nd Tehran ‎International Book Fair has provided an opportunity for us to display Chinese identity ‎and Culture.‎ ]]> Book Fair Fri, 26 Apr 2019 10:57:29 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274831/we-display-chinese-identity-and-culture-at-tibf-official Chinese children should be more familiar with Iranian books ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275328/chinese-children-should-be-more-familiar-with-iranian-books IBNA- Chinese Vice Minister Guo Weimin said on the first day of the 32nd Tehran ‎International Book Fair (TIBF) that he believes Chinese children should be more ‎familiar with Iranian books.‎ ]]> Book Fair Thu, 25 Apr 2019 12:41:23 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275328/chinese-children-should-be-more-familiar-with-iranian-books Iran, China launch new cooperation in publishing http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275667/iran-china-launch-new-cooperation-in-publishing IBNA- At an official ceremony, Iran and China launched a new round of cooperation in ‎publishing on the first day of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair.‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 24 Apr 2019 15:14:58 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/275667/iran-china-launch-new-cooperation-in-publishing Minister inaugurates 32nd Tehran International Book Fair http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274478/minister-inaugurates-32nd-tehran-international-book-fair IBNA- Culture Minister Seyyed Abbas Salehi said at the opening ceremony of the 32nd ‎Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) today that books will break the wall of economic ‎sanctions imposed on Iran. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 23 Apr 2019 13:18:19 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274478/minister-inaugurates-32nd-tehran-international-book-fair Iran-China boost of cultural ties stressed http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/274404/iran-china-boost-of-cultural-ties-stressed IBNA- Deputy Director of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair TIBF met a ‎delegation from China as the guest of honor in the event today stressing on boosting ‎cultural ties between Iran and China.‎ ]]> Book Fair Mon, 22 Apr 2019 13:26:42 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/274404/iran-china-boost-of-cultural-ties-stressed President to attend opening ceremony of 32nd TIBF http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274312/president-to-attend-opening-ceremony-of-32nd-tibf IBNA- The 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) will open on Tuesday with Iran’s ‎President Hassan Rouhani in attendance. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sat, 20 Apr 2019 13:21:49 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274312/president-to-attend-opening-ceremony-of-32nd-tibf TIBF to showcase Afghan books of story and poem ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/274271/tibf-to-showcase-afghan-books-of-story-and-poem IBNA- Taak publishing from Afghanistan will showcase over 160 books of contemporary ‎literature of that country at the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF).‎ ]]> Book Fair Fri, 19 Apr 2019 14:12:55 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/274271/tibf-to-showcase-afghan-books-of-story-and-poem Poster of 32nd Tehran Book Fair unveiled http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274244/poster-of-32nd-tehran-book-fair-unveiled IBNA- The poster of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) was unveiled at a ‎ceremony which was attended by the officials of the upcoming event.‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 17 Apr 2019 13:36:33 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274244/poster-of-32nd-tehran-book-fair-unveiled ‎32nd Tehran Book Fair to host 2398 domestic publishers‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274243/32nd-tehran-book-fair-to-host-2398-domestic-publishers IBNA- Mohsen Javadi, Director of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) said ‎that 2398 domestic publishers as well as 800 foreign publishers will present over ‎‎437000 titles of books.‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 17 Apr 2019 12:08:09 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/274243/32nd-tehran-book-fair-to-host-2398-domestic-publishers Book consignments reach Tehran to be presented at TIBF ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/274168/book-consignments-reach-tehran-to-be-presented-at-tibf IBNA- Director of foreign publishers committee of the 32nd Tehran International Book ‎Fair (TIBF) said that 104000 foreign books have been reached to Tehran customs and ‎will be presented in the upcoming event. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 14 Apr 2019 13:46:32 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/274168/book-consignments-reach-tehran-to-be-presented-at-tibf TIBF to display 50 books published under Grant Plan http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/274039/tibf-to-display-50-books-published-under-grant-plan IBNA- 50 books which have been published under the Grant Plan of Iran’s Culture ‎Ministry will be displayed at the 32nd Tehran international book fair. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sat, 13 Apr 2019 14:43:49 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/274039/tibf-to-display-50-books-published-under-grant-plan China attends TIBF with 78 publishers and 4000 books http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/273884/china-attends-tibf-with-78-publishers-and-4000-books IBNA- International committee director of the 32nd Tehran Book Fair (TIBF) spoke on ‎the programs of China as the guest of honor in this event including the participation of ‎‎78 Chinese publishers with 4000 books.‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 10 Apr 2019 13:17:42 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/273884/china-attends-tibf-with-78-publishers-and-4000-books TIBF to host over 80 Arabic and European publishers http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/273904/tibf-to-host-over-80-arabic-and-european-publishers IBNA- Director of foreign publishers section of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) ‎said that 50 Arabic publishers and 30 European languages publishers present their ‎books in the event. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Mon, 08 Apr 2019 11:53:41 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/273904/tibf-to-host-over-80-arabic-and-european-publishers BCBF, the oldest book fair in Italy: Director http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/273751/bcbf-the-oldest-book-fair-in-italy-director IBNA- Marco Momoli, the Commercial Director of the 56th Bologna Children’s Book Fair ‎‎(BCBF) said that this event oldest book fair in Italy and the biggest children book fair ‎throughout the world.‎ ]]> Book Fair Thu, 04 Apr 2019 11:02:06 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/273751/bcbf-the-oldest-book-fair-in-italy-director Culture Ministry to help writers and illustrators attend BCBF http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/273706/culture-ministry-to-help-writers-and-illustrators-attend-bcbf IBNA- Visiting the 56th Bologna Children Book Fair (BCBF), Deputy Culture Minister ‎Mohsen Javadi stated that his organization will help Iranian writers and illustrators to ‎attend the next audition of BCBF.‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 03 Apr 2019 12:23:22 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/273706/culture-ministry-to-help-writers-and-illustrators-attend-bcbf German author praises Iranian illustrated children books ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273712/german-author-praises-iranian-illustrated-children-books IBNA- A German author and illustrator who attended the 56th Bologna Children’s Book ‎Fair believes that Iranian illustrated books for children and young adults are engaging ‎and gain the attention of audience. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 03 Apr 2019 11:35:36 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273712/german-author-praises-iranian-illustrated-children-books Deputy Culture Minister Javadi visits Bologna Book Fair http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273669/deputy-culture-minister-javadi-visits-bologna-book-fair IBNA- Iran’s Deputy Culture Minister Mohsen Javadi met the Manager of Bologna ‎Children Book Fair (BCBF) Elena Pasoli stressing on more attention to morality and ‎peace in the books of children and young adults.‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 02 Apr 2019 14:45:49 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273669/deputy-culture-minister-javadi-visits-bologna-book-fair Bologna Fair welcomes children books producers http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273646/bologna-fair-welcomes-children-books-producers IBNA- Scheduled for April 1-4, the 56th Bologna Children's Book Fair is making ‎preparation to host the most important event which welcomes authors and publishers of ‎books for children and teens.‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 31 Mar 2019 10:42:42 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273646/bologna-fair-welcomes-children-books-producers TIBF an opportunity to boost international political, economic ties http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/273405/tibf-an-opportunity-to-boost-international-political-economic-ties Referring to the foreign relations aspect of Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), Iran’s ‎Culture Minister Seyyed Abbas Salehi said that this event provides an opportunity for ‎boosting our international, political and economic ties.‎ ]]> Book Fair Mon, 18 Mar 2019 13:50:07 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/273405/tibf-an-opportunity-to-boost-international-political-economic-ties FBF sets plans to participate at Tehran Book Fair http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/273425/fbf-sets-plans-to-participate-at-tehran-book-fair IBNA- Iranian representatives in Paris book Fair 2019 met Juergen Boos, President of ‎Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) who spoke of plans for participation at the upcoming Tehran ‎International Book Fair (TIBF).‎ ]]> Book Fair Sat, 16 Mar 2019 13:51:05 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/273425/fbf-sets-plans-to-participate-at-tehran-book-fair Iran participates at 39th Paris International Book Fair http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273214/iran-participates-at-39th-paris-international-book-fair IBNA- The 39th Paris International Book Fair (Livre Paris) will open tomorrow as Iran is ‎participating in the event and Oman is the guest of honor. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Thu, 14 Mar 2019 12:11:54 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273214/iran-participates-at-39th-paris-international-book-fair ‎78 Chinese publishers to attend 32nd TIBF http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273030/78-chinese-publishers-to-attend-32nd-tibf IBNA- Director of international committee of the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair ‎Ahmad Shakeri said that as the guest of honor, China will have 78 publishers to attend ‎the event.‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 10 Mar 2019 10:21:23 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/273030/78-chinese-publishers-to-attend-32nd-tibf Directors of 32nd TIBF sections introduced http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/272653/directors-of-32nd-tibf-sections-introduced IBNA- Chairman of Iranian Publishers Committee of the 32nd Tehran International ‎Book Fair (TIBF) announced that for the second time, directors of various sections have ‎been appointed by the publishers associations. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sat, 02 Mar 2019 17:33:26 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/272653/directors-of-32nd-tibf-sections-introduced Emirates Literature Fest 2019 kicks off http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/272913/emirates-literature-fest-2019-kicks-off IBNA- The nine-day event, Emirates Literature Festival 2019 kicked off today with 170 ‎authors in attendance and featuring programs for all age groups.‎ ]]> Book Fair Fri, 01 Mar 2019 12:26:21 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/272913/emirates-literature-fest-2019-kicks-off Measures taken to host China as TIBF guest of honor ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/272229/measures-taken-to-host-china-as-tibf-guest-of-honor IBNA- CEO of Iran's Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) met a 6-member delegation from ‎China discussing the participation of that country in the 32nd Tehran International Book ‎Fair (TIBF).‎ ]]> Book Fair Tue, 12 Feb 2019 13:24:43 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/272229/measures-taken-to-host-china-as-tibf-guest-of-honor New Delhi World Book Fair hosts Iran http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/270231/new-delhi-world-book-fair-hosts-iran IBNA- The 27th New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) opened yesterday as Iran is ‎participating in this event with 320 titles of books. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Sun, 06 Jan 2019 09:31:46 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/270231/new-delhi-world-book-fair-hosts-iran Iran’s SAMT participates at Beirut and Herat book fairs http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/270086/iran-s-samt-participates-at-beirut-and-herat-book-fairs IBNA- The 62nd Beirut International Arab Book Fair is hosting Iranian Organization of ‎Research and Composing Textbooks on Humanities (SAMT)‎. ‎ ]]> Book Fair Wed, 19 Dec 2018 13:37:56 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/270086/iran-s-samt-participates-at-beirut-and-herat-book-fairs Beirut Book Fair kicks off with Iran in attendance http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/268745/beirut-book-fair-kicks-off-with-iran-in-attendance IBNA- The 62nd Beirut International Arab Book Fair kicked off yesterday at the Beirut ‎International Exhibition and Leisure Center (BIEL) in downtown Beirut with Iran in ‎attendance.‎ ]]> Book Fair Fri, 07 Dec 2018 11:54:52 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/268745/beirut-book-fair-kicks-off-with-iran-in-attendance Meeting to consider Iran’s achievements at Frankfurt Book Fair http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/268615/meeting-to-consider-iran-s-achievements-at-frankfurt-book-fair IBNA- Cultural Association of Iran’s Publishers of Books for Children and Young Adults ‎really hold the meeting “Iran’s achievements and experiences at 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair ‎‎(FBF)”‎ ]]> Book Fair Mon, 03 Dec 2018 12:27:23 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/268615/meeting-to-consider-iran-s-achievements-at-frankfurt-book-fair