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  Ctesias' 'History of Persia'

20 Dec 2011 13:43
A Persian translation of the Ctesias' 'History of Persia': Tales of the Orient has been provided in by Fereidoun Majlesi. The book narrates the history of Persia 2500 years ago.
IBNA: In an interview with IBNA, the book's Persian translator said he changed the book's title into Persica and had it published by Tehran publication center in the Iranian book market.

The book begins with the history of ancient Elamites and Babylonians and moves on to Persians and Medes. The book is the first historical reference to give information about Parthians, argued the translator.

A review of the Achaemenian kings including Artaxerxes and Artaxerxes II makes a part of the book. Moreover, it discuses altercations between Artaxerxes II and Cyrus the Minor, which mortified Artaxerxes' reign right from his coronation and mingled it with a morass of bloody plots and conspiracies.

The original version of the book is not available; however, there remains a summary of the work by an orientalist priest in French and German.

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